We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. --- Oscar Wilde

About Me
This is a website created by a young lung adenocarcinoma patient, documenting the journey from someone who spent their days immersed in work and neglected their physical well-being. The progression unfolds as they transitioned from a lack of understanding about self-care to engaging in research on diet, exercise, and treatment. Ultimately, the narrative leads to the pursuit of spiritual growth.
Everything Started from a Cough

In February 2023, I began to frequently feel phlegm that I couldn’t cough out. Despite trying over-the-counter medicine from the pharmacy with no improvement, I followed a friend’s suggestion to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist. The doctor used a stethoscope to carefully listen to the front and back of my chest and assured me there was no issue. After three days of medication without improvement, a colleague recommended traditional Chinese medicine for recovery, emphasizing that cough improvement takes time. Despite visiting several traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, the cough persisted.

It was only when a doctor sensed complications that I urgently went to a large hospital’s respiratory department for a chest X-ray. The preliminary diagnosis from the respiratory specialist was pneumonia. Even after a month of antibiotic treatment, the pneumonia symptoms persisted. The doctor urgently advised hospitalization, where they performed a lung biopsy and tested lung effusion. The results revealed cancer cells in both the lung biopsy and effusion, leading to a direct diagnosis of stage IV lung adenocarcinoma.

At that time, with limited knowledge about cancer, I naively asked the doctor how many stages cancer has, only to realize that I had accelerated into the advanced stage. Subsequent MRI and full-body bone scans confirmed metastases to my brain and bones. In an instant, my life entered another realm…

The Past Me

Pay It Forward

On the journey of fighting cancer, I look forward to your support, helping me with my ongoing treatment. This enables me to continue sharing more information to assist others, spreading love. ♥️